Midwest weather can be brutal. If your air conditioning is not running properly, especially in the summer months, it can make for miserable driving.

Top Notch Auto offers top quality air conditioning repair on most makes and models. If your car’s air conditioning quality has notably decreased, stop by and let us take a look. Our technicians will run tests to find the problem and have your air running again in no time.

The most common culprits for air conditioning problems are simple fixes such as low coolant, small leaks in the air conditioning units, or a need for an air conditioning recharge. These can be determined with a few simple tests. Our technicians will let you know if retrofitting is necessary which includes adding new parts to the A/C unit to help it run more efficiently.

Signs to schedule an appointment with your local auto air conditioning repair shop:

  • Weak air flow
  • Air smells stale
  • Air is not as cold as it should be